Dog Training

Johnstown, NY


We at Harvey’s thrive on teaching Basic obedience so all dogs must show no fear or aggression towards people or other dogs. Required for all classes; Up to date shot records, registration form and full payment prior to beginning the first day of class. Minimum Class Sign Up: There is a 2 dog student requirement for each class.

Recent Graduates

AKC star puppy kindergarten class

AKC Star Puppy Kindergarten Class

$160/6 Sessions: Participants in this class will work on basic training with their human guardians to get the best possible start while the puppy is still young. Our class includes basic obedience such as, Sit, Stay, Down, SitStay, Down-Stay, Recall, Focus, leave it, and included is supervised puppy socialization. Harvey’s Puppy training is a great way to ensure your puppy begins their journey of growing into a healthy, balanced adult dog.

advanced puppy class

Advanced Puppy Class

This is an all-new class for S.T.A.R. Puppy Preschool graduates who are ready to continue their obedience education. In this class, your puppy will continue to work on socialization and basic obedience skills, including down, sit, stay, and loose leash walking. In addition, we will guide you through the beginnings of adolescence

beginner dog training

Beginner Dog Training

$160/6 Sessions: Participants in this class are over 6 months of age or have completed our puppy class. In this class, participants will learn to sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, take it, drop it, stand, find it, and recall all while working with distance, durations, and distractions. It is recommended that all participants starting this class have a solid sit/stay

intermediate dog training

Intermediate Dog Training

$160/6 Sessions: Participants in this class must have completed beginners or are approved by our trainer. In this class, participants will learn increasingly challenging levels of obedience cues including hand signals, impulse control, sit, down, and out of sight. We will also be working on stranger food refusal, recall with food distractions, and will begin to work towards off-leash control.

advanced/canine good citizen

Advanced/Canine Good Citizen

$160/6 sessions: This is a 6-week course in which you will advance in all the commands you learned in the Intermediate Level and also prepare and take the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen’s test at the end of the course. Taking the Test is not Mandatory for passing this course. Most take it to continue working on the bond with their pet.