Bella Marie - Harvey's Pet

In Honor of Bella Marie

On May 8, 2021, our 9 year old healthy, loving, smart, funny, one of a kind, and adorable baby girl, Bella, passed away unexpectedly within hours of showing any signs that something was wrong. For those of you who do not know, Hemangiosarcoma, is a heartbreaking cancer that strikes without any warning. A tumor had begun to grow unknowingly on Bella’s spleen and without any warning, ruptured, taking the life of our baby girl.

If there was one thing Bella loved, it was her trips to Harvey’s- Whether it was for play group, some treats, her food, some new toys, or just to say hi to everyone who worked there.

In her honor, we would love to pass along some joy and happiness to you and your family member(s) (whether dog, cat, fish, reptile, etc)

Each month for the year of 2022, we will be doing a raffle/giveaway in remembrance of Bella, in order to pass along the love that she had for life and the love she brought to our lives.

Please check here each month to see which awesome giveaways you could enter in the drawing to win!!

Bella’s mother and grandparents would like to thank Harvey’s for allowing us the opportunity to do this in her memory!
Sincerely, the Chirichios
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