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Make the Most out of Take Your Dog to Work Day 2021

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We have all heard the saying: “Dogs are man’s best friend”. Purported to have originated in a speech from King Frederick of Prussia in 1789 while speaking about his Italian Greyhound, the phrase was eventually made popular in a poem by Ogden Nash titled “Introduction to Dogs”.

Regardless of where it began though, it’s easy to see how it began. Dogs are loyal. Dogs are honest. Dogs are faithful. Dogs are easy to love. Dogs give us their love unconditionally. Dogs protect us. Dogs are our friend. If you have ever owned a dog, you know firsthand the emotional reaction your dog displays when you come home. It doesn’t matter how long you have been gone, be it a 5-day vacation or just a 5-minute trip to the mailbox, your dog is happy to see you when you get back!

And so eventually, the inevitable happened, and Take Your Dog To Work Day was born. Created by Pet Sitters International (PSI) in 1999, this day is more than just a reason to avoid that sad face our four-legged friends give us when we have to say goodbye to them for the day. TYDTWDay was created as a way to both celebrate our companion dogs, and to encourage adoptions. It achieves both of these tasks by allowing our non-pet owning co-workers to see firsthand just how awesome our relationship is with our canine companions, which then hopefully encourages them to adopt a new best friend of their very own! And those aren’t the only benefits to bringing Fido that Friday. A published study done in 2012 by Virginia Commonwealth University also shows that bringing your best buddy to the office also promotes job satisfaction and reduces stress!

As we know all too well, 2020 turned into a take your dog to work year, so before you just toss your buddy in the SUV, you should take the proper steps to get them ready for the big day (which falls on June 23this year). Dogtime.com has some dynamite doggie do’s and don’ts to help insure that your pet pal has the best day out ever, and that your coworkers will appreciate it to, so be sure to give this list a quick review!


1. Make sure coworkers are on board with the idea.

Even if your pooch will be staying in your office or cubicle, their presence might give pause to people who are allergic to or afraid of dogs.

2. Pack your pup’s “briefcase.

Make sure you’re able to provide for all your dogs’ needs throughout the day: food and water dishes, medications, toys, treats, a bed, poop bags, or anything else your dog might need.

3. Groom your dog as if they were going in for a job interview.

Give them a bath, brush their coat until it gleams, and brush their teeth so they have nice breath when they meet the boss.

4. Dog-proof your workspace.

To prevent your pooch from chewing on cords, tipping over the trash, or swallowing that thumb drive with the report that’s due tomorrow, prepare your area. Put anything away that might end up being dangerous for your dog.

5. Do a good deed for dogs.

Turn Take Your Dog To Work Day into a way to benefit other dogs in need. Have a raffle to benefit your local shelter or bring in animal health and adoption groups to provide information about pets and services. Make sure to get the boss’s permission.


1. Don’t bring your dog in if you can’t rely on their good manners and housetraining.

A dog who jumps up on clients, howls in the middle of a meeting, or does their “business” in the conference room won’t be an incentive for your employer to participate in future Take Your Dog To Work Days.

2. Dont bring in your pooch if theyre sick.

If they have a contagious illness, other employees could unknowingly carry it home to their dogs. And a digestive disturbance could cause them to vomit or have diarrhea. If your pooch will be bow-wowing with other dogs, their vaccinations or titers should be up to date.

3. Dont let your pup wander around off leash.

You should know where your dog is at all times–and where they should be is under your control. Use a baby gate or other barrier to keep them confined if you want to drop the leash.

4. Dont force your pup on anyone else. Not everyone appreciates a dog in the workplace. If another employee wants to meet your pooch, let them come to you.

One final thought for those who perhaps don’t have a dog of their own. Since bringing awareness to adopting a pet is a big focus of the day, consider bringing a foster pet in with you. This will not only allow you to paw-ticipate in the fun, but it could just be the first step towards finding a foster friend the fur-ever home they are looking for! Happy Barking!

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