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Hot day? Don't worry…

Taking a cool dip in your swimming pool is the perfect escape from the hot summer sun. The range of swimming pool supplies at Harvey’s includes everything you need to cool off safely in the comfort of your own home.

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Pool Chemicals for Safety and Comfort...

No matter how large or small your pool is, keeping the water clean and hygienic is essential to the well-being of you and your loved ones. Keep your pool swim-ready all summer long by treating it appropriately with cleaning chemicals from Harvey’s! Our range of pool and spa supplies includes chemical treatments to ensure a safe and pleasant swimming experience for all.

We Stock:

  • Pool shock formulas for near-instant chlorination of even the largest swimming pools. 

  • Chlorine tablets and a range of floating chlorinators for ongoing chemical maintenance to keep algae and germs at bay. 

  • Natural replacement salts if you have a permanent pool using salt-based water that are kind to your hair and skin. 

Swimming Pool Supplies, Equipment and Repair...

Our online pool supplies selection includes a large range of pool equipment covering maintenance, cleaning, replacement parts and easy repair products.

We Stock:

  • Leaf skimmers with telescopic poles for keeping your pool free of debris. 

  • Vinyl repair kits for plugging small holes in above-ground pools. 

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Swimming Pool Toys and Safety Floats...

Take your summer relaxation to new levels with our range of fun pool stuff including inflatable toys, games, floats and safety equipment to keep the whole family in the best of summer moods.

We Stock:

  • Inflatable toys and floaters for fun and relaxation.

  • Swimming aids and protection to keep younger swimmers safe like floaties.

Get the most out of your cooling summer fun by shopping with Harvey’s for all your pool supply needs. And if you need any information or advice on any aspect of swimming pool supplies stop by and see us!