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Pet Food and Supply Store in Johnstown, NY


Shop Harvey’s Pet for a variety of the best pet food and pet items. We are located at 250 N Comrie Ave, Johnstown, NY 12095. Check out our promotions page to see what awesome discounts we have happening right now.


At Harvey’s Pet, we offer everything you need to keep your dog’s tail wagging.


At Harvey’s Pet, we offer everything you need to keep your cat purring.

Shop Harvey’s Pet in Johnstown, New York for an assortment of swimmingly fun fish products to make your aquarium a paradise for your fish. Whether you’ve got a Angelfish or a Cichlid , you can determine the appropriate aquarium and essentials to satisfy your pet fish needs. Our knowledgeable team can help you to set up a new aquarium or find the right product for your pet fish. Come by Harvey’s Pet, or call (518) 762-7613 with any questions. We are happy to help.

Reptiles are increasing in pet appeal. At Harvey’s Pet, we stock a range of pet reptile and amphibian supplies for turtles, lizards, scorpions, and snakes. Our friendly crew are happy to help.

We carry an assortment of products for your little furry family member. Whether you are looking for products for your ferret, gerbil, or rat – we have it at a fantastic price. We are confident you’ll discover exactly what you are needing for your small pet.

Harvey’s Pet features an array of the pet bird food and products you need at the cost you count on. The type of avian food you choose to feed can have an effect on the well-being of our feathered pals, and is the reason that we stock a selection of food to choose from. Explore Harvey’s Pet in Johnstown, NY for everything you need for your pet bird.

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