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Wondering What to Buy Your Pet for the Holidays? Join the Club!

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Leading New York retailer, Harvey’s Pet, offers a carefully curated selection of winter holidays gift suggestions for even the most precocious pets

Johnstown, NY – Regarding pets, John Grogan, the New York Times bestselling author of books such as ‘Marley & Me,’ has said, “It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or even Festivus, if you’ve spent the past 18 months+ enjoying an unexpected and unprecedented amount of time at home snuggled up to your darling pet, it only makes sense to shower them with extra love in all its forms – namely with gifts. Pets love gifts.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), some 51% of US pet owners surveyed said they bought a holiday gift for their animal in 2020, up from 47% in 2019. Some 56% plan to do so this year. Fortunately for you, it just so happens that the folks at Harvey’s Pet (harveyspet.com) are there to help you wade through all the latest and greatest in cool products designed to make your pet jump for joy or at least drool on your favorite dry clean-only holiday party attire.

So in the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year and adorable holiday-themed photo opps everywhere, we’ve rounded up a few choice finds to spoil the most precious pet you’ve ever met: yours, of course.

  1. KONG® Company Cat Toy, Plush Kitten Teddy Bear with Catnip

So what’s blue or pink, makes crinkle sounds, and is furry and squishy all over? Don’t answer that – we’re happy to tell you! KONG® Company, one of the nation’s most popular pet product brands (and for good reason!), recently released a plush teddy bear with catnip for the kitten or cat-who-thinks-it’s-a-kitten in your life. Meee-ow!

2. Multipet Lamb Chop Dog Toy for Dogs

How many toys are too many? (That limit does not exist.) Indulge your love of nostalgia with this officially licensed Lamb Chop toy from the popular Shari Lewis children’s program. This super cute Lamb Chop, is a soft, cuddly, plush toy that comes with everyone’s absolute favorite: multiple noisemaking squeakers! Available in sizes small, medium, and large, you may want to save this special something for Fido’s overnights at Grandma’s or include it in the annual holiday gift basket for the next door neighbor you pretend to like but secretly or not-so-secretly hate. We kid! We kid!

3. The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Gingerbread Cuties Mutt Mallows Treats

Did you know that the first known recipe for gingerbread is nearly 4,500 years old and originates from Greece? Gingerbread Cuties Mutt Mallows Treats are so delicious that you’ll want to steal them for yourself. For reals! Every bite is human grade, baked with natural ginger, roasted vanilla, rolled oats, honey, and molasses and made in the USA. They’re baked with love by the folks at The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. and those people are super serious about canine nutrition!

4. Preppy Puppy Bakery Signature Christmas Cannoli

Holy cannoli your dog is going to love this holiday treat! Now your pooch can enjoy all the yumminess that delightfully delectable cannolis offer minus the chocolate-is-life-threatening-to-dogs part. According to dogs everywhere, these delicious treats are the cat’s meow! Plus, they’re organic, human grade, and come in bright and cheerful Christmas colors!

5. Precious Metal Print Custom 3D Pet Nose-Print Pendant in Silver or 18k Gold

Imagine being able to do a nose boop with your pet anytime you want, whether you’re simply away from home or if your beloved soulmate has crossed the rainbow bridge? This is more of a gift for you, but we’d love to think that your furry friend would adore being immortalized via this gorgeous custom pet nose-print pendant from Precious Metal Print – you know you’ll treasure it forever. Crafted individually in Knoxville (TN), and hand-finished in silver or gold, your purchase comes with everything you need to ensure your latest heirloom is an effortlessly charming and deeply personal work of art.

6. Prevue Pet Products Fancy Dance Bird Toy

Oh, yeah, your feathered friend is ready to turn up the fun with this Fancy Dance Bird Toy from Prevue Pet Products! These top of the line toys are suitable for a wide variety of energetic, curious bird species. These toys are assembled by hand and feature incredibly vibrant, playful and fun shapes that keep your bird physically and mentally stimulated. The unique design of the Fancy Dance toy features ropes, cardboard shapes, plastic discs, shredded paper strips, cloth, ribbons and a noise making bell to encourage chewing, physical manipulation, balance and curiosity. The materials are all pet safe and provide hours of entertainment to keep your bird healthy and happy – and hopefully a lot less interested in your flickering menorah, sparkly Christmas tree, or handmade Kinara.

7. Lupine Pet Originals Christmas Cheer Limited Edition Leashes and Collars for Cats & Dog
There are supposedly no guarantees in life, but that doesn’t apply to Lupine Pet collars and leashes – they are guaranteed for life, even if chewed to shreds by your big red dog named Clifford or your sweet little saber-toothed tiger. Made out of the same nylon rope materials used by mountain climbers, these limited edition Christmas Cheer collars and leashes will be the envy of all your pet’s friends – and your friends, too. From 1/2” breakaway cat safety collars to 1” widths for even the largest pooches, these vibrantly-colored items feature a beautiful – and machine washable – snowflake and Christmas tree print on a red background. These collars and leashes are so festive that even Santa Paws will be jealous!

A word to enthusiastic holiday shoppers out there: Shipping delays are to be expected, so shop early as you wouldn’t want to let down your furry or feathered family member. Yes, we understand that the average pet may not recognize that Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are significant cultural, religious, and/or commercial celebrations in many regions of the world. Do our furry friends know when it’s their Birthday either? No. Will your best pet friend be uber-thrilled to get even more attention from you followed by a special treat from Santa Paws anyway? Heckin’ yeah!

About Harvey’s Pet

For more than 34 years, Harvey’s Pet has been a local family owned business in Johnstown, NY, specializing in high-quality pet food, freshly baked pet treats, and a carefully curated collection of exceptional pet products and supplies for cats, dogs, small pets, birds, reptiles, and fish – even chickens and livestock! The store’s staff (online, by phone or email, and in-store) is committed to continually learning more about pet care, award-winning pet products, and animal nutrition, so they can provide pet parents with educated recommendations and an unparalleled retail experience. Harvey’s Pet brick-and-mortar location also offers other services such as boarding, daycare, training, grooming, a self-service dog wash, pet adoptions, nutritional counseling, and more.

Visit https://harveyspet.com to learn more about their tremendous selection of award-winning and highest-qualities goods and services. Harvey’s Pet staff can also offer personalized gift suggestions for your four-legged family member. In-store pickup, curbside pickup, local same day delivery, no-contact delivery, and domestic and international shipping available. Accompanying print-ready images, artwork, and limited product samples available upon request.

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